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Ecurie Aix - since 1999

In 1999 some students of RWTH Aachen University had the idea to found a Formula Student Team. Already in the following year the plan became reality with Ecurie Aix.

The name of the team is a reference to the motorsport history of the Aachen region. The famous race track Spa-Francorchamps can be reached in less than an hour. It not only stands for the world-famous corner "Eau Rouge", but was also home to the Formula 1 team Ecurie Francorchamps, which was one of the dominant ones in motorsports at that time. The French word for racing team, Ecurie, was thus adopted in the name of the RWTH team and combined with Aix-la Chapelle, the French name for Aachen.

The Evolution - The eax02

eax02 RWTH Aachen
eax02 RWTH Aachen

We participate since2010 with electrically driven vehicles.2017 also with fully autonomous vehicles.


Passion. Ambition. Team spirit.
Everything you need.

One project - many opportunities!

Do you want to experience technology up close? Do you long to be able to practically apply what you have learned from your studies and to take on new challenges? Then become part of our team, travel with us to competitions all over Europe and grow beyond yourself!
With us, you have the chance to build an electric race car with a motivated, high-performance team and participate in the global design competition "Formula Student".